I'm Bret Dalton. I've been interested in photography since I was about ten years old. My parents gave me an old Ansco rangefinder camera they had kicking around, and I've been taking pictures ever since.

I like photos that are authentic. I believe they should tell a story, make me feel something, and make me want to know more. Photos of people should look natural and show the personality of the person. I prefer a photojournalistic style (candid photography) where I can just capture real moments of people's lives as they unfold. When I see myself in a photograph, I like it to evoke a pleasant memory of the day, rather than the thought, "Oh, I remember posing for that photo."

I live in American Fork, Utah. If you like what you see, I am willing to take photos of you and yours for family, engagements, weddings, senior portraits, and special events. Photography is a hobby rather than my livelihood, so I'm pretty inexpensive.

Email me at: bret.dalton@gmail.com or call me at: 801-995-3094.